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Develop your walk for God

Inheritance is geared to young Christian adults who want to develop their walk for God. If you're keen to move on with God, or just feel a little bit stale or lacking enthusiasm, then this holiday aims to help and encourage you. Of course the sun, sea and fresh air will do a lot for you too!

From:Saturday, July 27, 2019
To:Friday, August 2, 2019
Ages:17 to 22
Bookings: Open

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Inheritance camp 2012

Look back at Inheritance 2018

We are now in our 7th year at inheritance and what a year. At the start of camp we prayed that this year would be a year that we would remember and it truly was. We absolutely love the fact that our God always meets his children in a field in the middle of nowhere and this year was no different.

We wanted to create an environment where everyone felt welcomed and comfortable, so right at the start of camp we set out values for everyone but especially the team to implement. The values that we set were, Jesus notices us, so we notice you. Jesus accepted us, so we accept you, Jesus first loved us, so we love you and Jesus invites us to belong, so welcome to our family.

Sam and Kirsten lead us spiritually with the theme of “encounters with Jesus” and Oscar and his team lead us through worship. Many of our young people and team, had encounters with Jesus and shared their experiences.

We continued to have fun at the beach, the Dorset Water Park and slip and slide rounders, But the highlight was that we came together as a community of believers, eating, sleeping, and worshiping God together.

Matt and Emma Huckle Overall Leaders