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Physical environment:


Campers will be made aware of rules to be applied regarding safe behaviour around tents, ensuring that the risk of injury from tripping over guy ropes etc is reduced.

Out of Bounds Areas

It is the responsibility of all leaders to know the whereabouts of all children and young people who are on camp.

Dangerous substances and equipment

Use of dangerous substances and equipment will be strictly restricted to authorised personnel.

Fire procedures

Fire procedures will be pointed out to all leaders and campers on the first day. A fire drill will be undertaken at some time during the week.

Security and access to site of ‘persons unknown’

Whilst it is recognised that making a field in a rural locality completely secure is impossible, every effort will be made to limit access to the site to those with legitimate reasons for being there.

Health and Hygiene:

Kitchen procedures and requirements

The Food Safety (General Food Hygiene) Regulations 1995 state that anyone who handles food or whose actions could affect its safety must follow the regulations. All of those appointed to be responsible for food on camp will possess the Basic Food Hygiene Certificate and be aware of food safety (preparation, handling and storage, disposal of waste, etc). Full details of our health and hygiene requirements can be found in section 10 of the Information Manual.

Toilet facilities and cleaning

Adequate toilet facilities will be provided along with washing facilities.

First Aid:

Appropriately trained personnel and their availability

H&DCYC will ensure that there will be at least one leader qualified in first aid on each camp. The First Aider on camp will be responsible for recording all accidents, injuries and dispensing of medicines made during camp. The location and telephone numbers of the nearest doctor will be made available at all times.

Adequate supplies

First Aid kits, containing items recommended by St. John Ambulance, will be supplied and kept fully stocked for each camp.


Appropriate qualifications of leaders

All leaders on the camps will, for the duration of the holiday, exercise reasonable care in looking after the young person attending the holiday. All outdoor activities are carried out under qualified supervision. This may be through our own leaders or by leaders hired at a centre and accompanied by our own. All activities are subject to availability and can be withdrawn or changed without notice.

No activities will engaged in without the written consent of the parent/guardian.

A log will be kept of activities provided by Camp leaders, which will include all significant incidents therein.


Insurance and licences

H&DCYC will ensure that all drivers have adequate motor insurance if they are transporting children on camp. A small bus permit will be required for all minibuses used to carry between 6 and 16 passengers. All minibus drivers must have the appropriate valid driving licence for the vehicle they are driving.


Appropriate checks will be made on all vehicles used.

Instructions to be given to all leaders regarding;

  • Rendezvous times
  • First aid procedures
  • Emergency procedures e.g. lost child